White Pass – winter update

March has rolled around and suddenly will turn to April. The last month and a half or so has brought an amazing amount of snow after a dreadful month(s?) of rain, warm gray weather, more rain, a few floods, and a little more rain. Now, with a little luck and favorable winds, this season seems to have plenty of time left of lift access to go, and a few weeks of hiking past that and in to late May. I just saw today that Crystal is starting Spring passes on April 1st (….or are they?……hmmm) that will go until at least June 12th with lift access. Insane.

This year I have been working with the terrain park guys at White Pass to try to get them some good photos that they could potentially put on their website, to possibly send to sponsors, and generally showcase how amazing of a ski area White Pass is. Last summer, they installed two new chairlifts that allow access to an area of terrain that I couldn’t do justice in describing with words. It’s been a battle with the weather and my weekend warrior schedule, but things have been going along. For me…it’s been experience full of good times, lots of time behind the lens, learning more than I ever thought I could,  and ton of bribing guys to hike one…more…time. And I’m incredibly grateful for every minute of it.

As spring kicks in, I hope to be up there taking advantage of all the snow they got in the last month and of course enjoying some spring sun for some great pictures. Here is how things have been going so far:


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