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Boxes for Days – Snoqualmie

Thanks Snowboy Productions and The Summit at Snoqualmie for such a great contest and a great day.




The snow is gone today unfortunately…I have a few more pictures to share though.


Storm #2 for the Puget Sound for the winter…it came just in time.

Chihuly Glass Bridge - Tacoma, WA


I’m not feeling too well today, so I didn’t take pictures. I did submit a few though to a few people. I’ll be back at producing photos tomorrow hopefully. This pictures is from a few months ago on a trip to Leavenworth with a very good ladyfriend of mine and her dog, Goober.

Goober knows


Pioneer Square - Seattle

Pioneer Square - Seattle

I figured I would get around to taking some pictures of Pioneer Square’s Christmas lights. It only took my until January 4th to do it.


There is this wildlife reserve on the way to White Pass from Tacoma. Critters know exactly what that means…they are smart. When you drive by, they stand by the fence and stare at your car as you pass. Deer, elk, mountain goats, and little damn beavers will group here and when you stop to try to take their picture, they run away. Bastards.


Elk running away in the frozen fog.


Welcome to the New Year. It’s already going pretty well.

Mt. Rainier - Eatonville, WA

Mt. Rainier - Eatonville, WA