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Downtown Throwdown

The Fifth Annual Downtown Throwdown was thrown down this last weekend in the seasonal rainforest knows as Occidental Park in Seattle.

Krush and Snowboy Productions were at it again this year with help from sponsors Lib-Tech, Jones Soda Co., Zumiez, Vans, The Snoqualmie at Snoqualmie, Skullcandy and Somehow they managed to wake Austin Hironaka, Scott Stevens, Ben Bogart, Austen Sweetin, Forest Bailey, Ryan Paul, and 19 other pro snowboarders out of fall hibernation and make the trek to the only place in the country with snow…downtown Seattle. The scaffolding, rails, and barrels were set up just in time for the snow and salt to be laid down and Cobra Dogs to hit buns at high noon as $8,000 bucks were up for grabs.
Calling all the action from the air traffic control tower at the end of the course was none other than Jesse “donkey kick, real nice!” Burtner and his crew of Think Thank right and left brainers.
Rain fell, rappers rapped, Mark Landvik egged people on with promises of cash, and shredders shredded for 3 hours. In the end, about a 1000 people came and watched some of the best riders in the northwest and beyond slay a course made for pain and put on a hell of a show…way beyond expectations for October.


1st: Ryan Paul
2nd: Scott Stevens
3rd: Forest Bailey
4th: Jake Kuzyk
5th: Ted Borland

Zumiez Destroyer:
Johnny Lazz

Seattle Police keeping the dirtbags away from the other dirtbags

Ben Bogart in deep thought. Pre-concussion.

Austin Hironaka

Krush tending to Chris Brewster

*ahem* (in my best Mt. Hood Digger voice) SCOTTY STEEEEEEEVENS!!!!!!

the crew

Austin Hironaka is a Snowboy.

Techn9ne played the Showbox SODO a few days before Dylan Thompson came to Downtown Throwdown. I was there for both.

King Cobra Dog, Ryan Paul


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